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Meet The Woman Who Is Closing The Wealth Gap | Angel Rich
Ten Thousand Africans

Meet The Woman Who Is Closing The Wealth Gap | Angel Rich

Angel Rich is a powerhouse. Frankly, if she is not currently on your radar, you are missing something and it's time to pay attention. She is the founder and CEO of The Wealth Factory (WealthyLife), an ed-tech company that creates products to teach financial literacy and let people everywhere have equal access to financial literacy. Their first product is the popular and acclaimed financial literacy game, Credit Stacker, which got 250,000 downloads in only ten days. She has been referred to as the next Steve Jobs, by Forbes magazine. Her award-winning game, Credit Stacker, is a phenomenon and is available in 60 countries around the world, in 27 different languages, it is the first financial literacy game. She's been continuously wowed the world with her creations and ventures, even with the lack of support from investors. She is the Author of History of The Black Dollar - a book that highlights why there is a financial gap between African-Americans and European-Americans in America and how we can close that gap. Angel Rich is a powerhouse and there is so much to learn in this episode. In this episode:  She shares her background and story. She talks about the inspiration behind her book, History of the Black dollar and what you can learn. We also talk about why it is important to get her book and other African-American books as required reading in schools. She's also currently producing a documentary and recently hosted the first annual Black Tech Matters award show at SXSW. She shares some NEW info about the game that she's only shared on The Breakfast Club. She is a powerhouse and you will be amazed by her She shares stories about her challenges being a Black woman in tech. Angel gives some amazing advice to young people - "Do it for the culture"! She answers out trademark question: If you have 10,000 Africans at your disposal, with expertise in every field, what would you do? This is an episode to listen to and share with your family and friends! Spread the word. Buy Angel's book: History of the Black Dollar (US) History of the Black Dollar (Canada)
Angel Rich Interview
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