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As a Global Market Research Analyst for Prudential, Rich led the first African American Financial Experience Study. She founded The Wealth Factory, a company focused on designing financial literacy edtech games. Since its founding, the company has launched its first game Credit Stacker, which was named 'best in the country' by The White House, Department of Education, and JP Morgan Chase in 2016.

Rich has received many accolades including HBCU 30 under 30, Hampton 40 under 40, and listed as one of Google’s top Black Female Founders. Rich’s story and work has been featured on Forbes, The Hill, NASDAQ, and Black Enterprise.

Angel Rich
Founder & CEO
"Next Steve Jobs" - Forbes

Reveals Significant Economic Moments in History

  • History of the Black Dollar fulfills the History Requisite Requirement.

  • Historical facts, events, battles, advocates, and inventions that contributed to the transformation of Black America.

  • Financial interactions and relationship of Black America with other groups in America.

  • Takes readers on an economic journey through Black history, highlighting popular and lesser known advocates.

  • Inventors and entrepreneurs in America since the beginning of slavery.


Lillian Thomson

This book aims to help older generations remember, while enlightening younger generations on the progression of America and its direct correlation to the support of Black Americans that will inspire both groups to continuing uplifting economic social justice.


Joseph Lin

This book provided me with interesting and impactful knowledge on black economic history and shed light on potential wealth growth within communities of color


Becky Sanchez

Very eye-opening read! Definitely learned a lot and will strongly recommend this book to not only my friends but most importantly the youth. All students should be required to read this as part of their School’s curriculum!